The fiber hulled Safter Indian Canoe, which you can use with peace of mind on beaches, lakes, ponds and sea shores with the assurance of 45 years of Safter, has a length of 500 cm and a width of 55 cm. You can have a nice and cultural time with the Safter Indian Canoe, which has a capacity of 2 people and a weight of 35 kg. Safter polyester canoes are ideal recreational vehicles for everyone. The canoe produced for these two people allows you to both do sports and have a pleasant time thanks to its outboard motors and paddles. You can design Safter fiber canoes with various color options according to your preference. Thanks to its robust fiber body, it is produced and reinforced with building materials that are resistant to the corrosion effects of sea water.

          Safter Marine, which is one of the most known and preferred boat brands in Turkey and abroad; With its understanding of quality production and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, it serves the maritime industry from a different perspective. Combining our mission to make everyone living in our country and in the world a boat owner and our passion for the sea, we produce our special design boats designed by our expert teams with our quality workmanship, with a quality production approach, and make our own standard luxury. Using superior technology in the maritime sector; We meet the wishes and passions of our customers with the effort of our talented and experienced craftsmen, with our understanding of superior quality and service. With all the products we produce, we continue to produce products that will appeal to the tastes, wishes and passions of everyone who wants to spend time at sea. We add strength to the power of our boat models with Tohatsu, Evinrude, Mercury, Honda and Suzuki engines, which are the engine brands we partner with.

2 pieces of canoe paddle




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