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After your order is received, if the model you request is in our stocks, it will be delivered to you in a short time, equipped with optional options. If we do not have it in stock, the production process of our boat model starts immediately. After the production process is completed in a short time, the boat is delivered to you.

After the production process of our boat model you ordered, the delivery process begins. Deliveries within Istanbul are covered by us. The shipping process of our boat models to be delivered outside of Istanbul belongs to our customers.

There is no boat tax, it is subject to a boat fee. Fees vary annually. You can find out the current fees on the official website of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

If the boat you buy is larger than 4.90 meters, its fees are paid. Documents are obtained from the purchased company . The name of the boat is extracted from the port where it is registered from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure website . The port authority mooring log is applied. After the necessary procedures are done, a team (survey) comes from the port authority and examines your boat. The boat is then licensed.

If the boat you buy is smaller than 4.90 meters, it is not subject to a fee.

Although it varies according to the engine brand, structure and power, in general, 5-6 knots is the most economical use. At these speeds, your engine consumes 5-6 liters of fuel per hour. At higher speeds, the fuel consumption of the engine can reach 40-60 liters. You can get detailed information from the table on the official website of the engine brand you purchased or will buy.

When the boat condition is closed, only the bilge pump continues to operate on the boat.

Toxic paints are applied to prevent sea-dwelling organisms such as algae, mussels and organisms from adhering to the underwater surface of the boat.