Star TV Safter Marine Visit

While the CNR Yacht Festival continues, intense interest in our Safter Marin stand continues. We are proud to be the best selling boat company in Turkey and to bring everyone together with the sea.

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Boat Show Tuzla 2019

Autumn season has started for the Boat Show Tuzla, which is eagerly awaited by boat lovers and organized twice a year. We took our place for the Boat Show Tuzla Viaport, which we regularly attend as Safter Marin, and we are waiting to meet you boat lovers.

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Safter Marine Industry News

          Since 2003, Safter Marin, one of the leading companies of the sector with its excursion boat production and investments in different fields, continues to be the favorite of sea lovers. Increasing its production capacity every year, Safter Marin sales manager Yusuf Yılmaz ranks first in fiber boat manufacturing in Turkey.

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