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CNR Yacht Festival was Started.

          CNR Yacht Festival, where new generation designs will be showcased, opens its doors at Ataköy Marina Mega Yacht Harbor, the largest and central marina in Istanbul, between 16 - 20 October. Over 25 thousand visitors are expected to attend the festival, where boats ranging from 5 thousand to 17 million lira will be exhibited.

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Boat Show Tuzla 2019

          The boat fair will take place under one roof between 02-05 April 2019 at Viaport Marina Tuzla, the brand of Exposhipping. Through fairs; The Boat Show, which was established to develop new and successful fairs in many sectors, first in trade and then on the maritime sector in Turkey, will take place at Tuzla Viaport Marina. As Safter Marin, we will exhibit our boats for the fair, which will take place in spring and autumn for Tuzla, the Boat Show held twice a year on land and at sea.

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Boat Show Tuzla 2019 - Spring

          Boat Show Tuzla Fair, which will be held with the organization of VİA Fair Organization by creating a closed area of 35.000 m2, will be held in Viaport Marina, Tuzla on 07 - 15 March 2020 with the participation of the leading companies of the sector. Via Fairs is preparing to host the maritime industry in its own home, with a land and sea area of 75,000 m2 in total.

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